Sticker Club interest subscription page

Hey sis! I'm Jas a creative entreprenuer based in St. Louis, MO. I am the founder of Badmouthed Bruja I create witchy shit for bad bruja baes. I started badmouthed bruja to bring pinners of color more accurate representation in the pin world and in witchy/alternative spaces. I create beautiful pieces that accurately depict our skin tones and features. Now I want to go a step further and use this Sticker club to bring my most dedicated community members more art. 

Become a member of my Sticker Gang and receive gorgeous wallpapers and stickers that reflect women of color in fantasy, anime, pop culture, witch culture and so much more.

Who this Patreon is for
  • Black & Brown women who love stickers and want to see themselves in the images
  • Women who love anime, pop culture, and fantasy
  • Everyone who enjoys great art they can place almost anywhere
  • anyone with space on their laptops, water bottles, notebooks, planners, cars, etc
  • planner girls
  • sticker lovers  

⭐️ All humans are welcome 💜

Just add your number and you will receive a text on our launch day, Dec 1st, to join!